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The Vine Scented Soy Candles
Optimal Burning Results Guideline


Due to temperature changes during shipping, condensation settling on top of the wax may occur. Simply wipe out or allow the candle to air dry.  It may take some time for the candle to adjust to the temperature changes before it stops sweating.  Also avoid placing candle in direct artificial or natural lighting.


Do NOT trim wick before your FIRST burn.


Burn our scented soy candles in the range of 3 – 5 hrs each time.  Allow candle time to cool completely between burns.


Avoid placing your lit candle  in drafty areas; this will cause inevitable sooting.


Trim TIP of wick only when flame is excessive or when large black carbon build-up is present on wick.


If wax build-up develops on the sides, allow the candle to burn longer.


If the flame is high and wavy or  if there is a 1/2" or more melt pool, blow the candle out and allow it to cool.  Thereafter, it will be necessary to trim the carbon buildup only on the tip of the wick before relighting if the wick has not already self-trimmed.


When you extinguish the flame, oxygen is necessary for the wick to self-trim.  If you place the glass lid on the candle after you extinguish the flame, the wick doesn't have the oxygen it needs to self trim.  Therefore, you will have to trim the tip of the wick regularly.

    Storage:  Soy is a natural farm product and does have a "shelf life."  To keep candles fresher longer, store candles in a cool, dry, and dark place.  

    We meticulously and regularly test and retest each fragrance for burn quality. However, the nature of 100% soybean wax is to be highly finicky to indoor humidity levels and temperature changes; all will affect the way in which the candle burns. 

    The Vine Candles LLC is not responsible for damage or injury due to burning our candles. Our maximum liability to you is limited to the amount you paid for the product. Please burn candles under the direct supervision of an adult and never leave a burning candle unattended.


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