Scented Soy Candles and Soy Wax Melts


Why The Vine Candles are Unlike any
Soy Candle on the Market Today!

Our scented soy candles are elegant on your shelf, glow beautifully, and cast wonderful aromas.  Made with the quality of American glassware and soybean wax, The Vine Candles are dye free for clean, rich fragrances, cotton wicks, and are 100% soy for a cleaner, longer burn. 

Heart-Warming Verses that
Inspire and Encourage...
the Perfect Gift

* Beautiful, Colorful, Translucent Glow

Cleaner, Longer, Cooler Burn...with
No Wax Buildup

* Dye Free for Rich,
Fresh Fragrances

* Longer Burn...An Astounding 70 Hours of Wonderful Aroma

* American Quality Soy Wax in
12 oz. American Made Glassware

*Cotton (No Lead) Wick

Scented Soy Candles"I really love the beautiful and encouraging verses. The warm and fragrant aroma with the beautiful glow of the verse in front of the wavering flame is beautiful." 


Soy Wax Melts for Electric Wax Warmer

Our 5 will give you hours of fragrant aroma.  Have fun creating your own unique fragrances by layering or mixing several wax melt scents in your electric wax melter or ceramic wax burner. Experience a continual burst of fresh fragrance and create your own exotic combinations. The possibilities are endless!  View Details

Coming Soon!  Electric Table Top and Plug-In Wax Warmers!

Electric wax warmers are a safe, flameless way to add a pleasant fragrance to any room or office.  Simply place a scented wax melt or tart into the removable bowl, plug in the warmer, adjusted the dimmer switch for the heat intensity of the light and within minutes your room will be filled with an inviting aroma. 

Our beautiful and colorful glass table top and plug-in  wax warmers is perfect to add light as well as throw fragrance in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office or any room in your house.

  Goats' Milk Hand and Body Lotion
This lotion is loaded with vitamins A, B and E, all are excellent natural moisturizers to hydrate and nourish skin. Honey is rich in vitamin C and promotes collagen formation to refresh and rejuvenate depleted skin. Shea Butter provides a protective barrier on the skin, leaving it feeling silky, soft and supple, never greasy or oily. Our lotion does not contain mineral oil.
View Details 

Thank you for visiting our website as you discover and enjoy our many products and fragrances as well as the warm and inspiring verses we have on each of our products to brighten your day!


Lisa and Brenda with The Vine Candles

Lisa and Brenda

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"Share God's Word one Candle at a Time"


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